From the liner notes: “No electronics or overdubs were used. Sounds were treated as lightly as possible in order to preserve the original acoustic take. This record was written like a book: each chapter/track based and inspired by the previous one, using improvisation as a tool and guide to channel creative drive and inspiration. I challenged myself to truly follow where the musical path unfold, without deciding in advance what kind of music I wanted as result. It could have been a pop album. But I guess it’s not. If possible, please listen the tracks following the setlist order, for they were created this way. Core concepts: repetition, timbric research, improvisation, extended techniques, resonance.

Recorded and mixed by Mirko Brigo, tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been recorded at 3971 Studio (Pd) on August 2018, track 6 has been recorded at Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate (Padova, Italy) in November 2018. Guest the Coro Nova Symphonia Patavina, conducted by Francesco Cigana.
“Minha alma é uma orquestra oculta; não sei que instrumentos
tange e range, cordas e harpas, tímbales e tambores, dentro de mim.
Só me conheço como sinfonia.” F. P.
Setola di Maiale


Alberto Lincetto: Piano
Marcello Giannandrea: Bassoon
Francesco Cigana: percussion

EA Orchestra

Amazing interplay and brilliant skills are here the perfect medium to reach perfect result, in terms of complexity, fresh interpretations and emotional involvement. A breathtaking performance in a superbe recording session, featuring the most interesting voices of the italian avant-scene, here is an high level release with intriguing compositions by bassoonist Alessio Pisani and trumpetist Mirio Cosottini, founders of GRIM, artistic association that aims to promote improvisation and a fresher approach to modern composition.


Soulful voice, captivating sound and shamanic visions. These are the roots which THE WILD SCREAM takes shape from, still looking at the classic 60’s – 70’s mood, but with a modern twist. Born in 2011, they debuted at the 5th edition of Maximum Festival (Go Down Records’ festival) and after recording an EP in 2012, they recorded a full studio live album: “Horus” (Go Down Records 2015). The record is well received by the critic and specialized magazines, leading the band to keep on performing even more energetic and exciting live shows.

Giulia Facco: Piano
Marco Storti: Doublebass
Francesco Cigana: percussion

Selected Press