Born in 1986. Trying to do whatever I want ever since


“During my studies I developed an increasing interest for the timbric research and a melodic approach to the
instrument, trying to apply them in all the various musical genre I’ve come across in my artistic journey, from
avant-garde to pop. Almost as a natural consequence I embrace the improvisation music, in which the vastness of
expressive possibility and the direct relationship with the sonic material almost force the musician to focus on
musical aspects that are too often neglected in the studies of my instrument.

In my journey through improvisation I try to deepen both idiomatic and non idiomatic approach as well as ensemble
conduction as player and director, constantly studying and learning for all different source available.
Being strongly influenced by great mind and musician as Milford Graves, Anthony Braxton, Peter Brötzmann,
Paal.Nilssen Loewe, Akira Sakata, Archie Shepp, Eric Dolphin, Tony Oxley (just to name a few) I’m always feel deeply
inspired by their music and work, and compelled to push the research and exploration forward, as they did.

Recently I focused my attention and work towards the creation of multidisciplinary performance, in conjunction with
high-end technologies (360° audio and video, high tech fashion etc etc), creating immersive experience.

I also started a personal journey as a solo performer, exploring this challenging dimension into a multitude of form
(blind concert, sonification..). Moreover I’m interested and actively working in the cross.-art collaboration field,
building interaction and bridging music with different disciplines like sculpture, dance, poetry.

For me any stimulus can be channelled into the music production. This process involves and empowers the curiosity
to explore the physical limit of my instrument and especially the personal and expressive side of it, forcing me to
create and investigate without prejudice or habit. Curiosity is the force that drives me most, and leads a challenging
path that I want to follow.”


Francesco has performed in many festivasl and venues across all Europe (Romania, Spain, France, England, Swiss, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Austria, ..). including Grand North Fesvital (UK), Eschwege Open Flair, Festival (DE) Net Future Conference (Bruxelles, at European Commission, sponsored by Google, Sony Ericcson), Sudtirol Jazz Festival (IT), Rai Uno (IT main tv channel) , Rai Radio 1, Padova Jazz Festival (IT), NoN Festival (IT), Love Between The Lines (OOstende, BE), Teater Am Zee (BE), Ulica Festival, (UKR), MART (IT), Home Festival, Mirano Summer Festival, Ama Music Festival, Suoni di Marca, Steinegg Live Festival (IT), Peraspera Festival (IT)  and many others.

He has collaborated /played with artist such Mats Gustafsson, Hank Roberts, Otomo Yoshihide, Debora Petrina, Mirko di Cataldo, Giovanni Mancuso, Mirio Cosottini, Martine Nicole Rojina, Leon Trimble, Francesco Ganassin, Carlo Buffa, Piero Bittolo Bon, Alessio Pisani…